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Why ABF?

The AnnyBelle Foundation was formed just after Anny Belle Barker passed on from her very busy and happy life here. She was my 15 year old baby girl.

Anny left behind family and many friends that still love her so much. Through the years we had lived all over the Pacific Northwest area, but she always called Idaho her home. Her father delivered her at our home in Fernwood, Idaho on April 17, 1984. She was such a fun baby and grew to be a fun young lady and if she called you "friend" then you were a friend to the end.

Anny was a tremendous help in our family business "Fernwood Farms" it was a commercial drying facility for medicinal herbs, mostly St. John's Wort. She worked with the hand pickers in the field, she operated her own shift on the dryer and managed the dry dock.

In late 1999 we were introduced to a gentleman that began teaching us the science of the body's healing abilities through basic mineral support at the cellular level. This is called Orthomolecular Science. Anny was facinated with the research, findings and the fact that no one need suffer with Cancer, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatique, Fibromyalgia and more. She would join us on conference calls, giving up her Friday nights to be there for the calls. She helped organize a data base of doctors to contact with the new found knowledge.

Anny had 2 primary goals at that time.

1.) She wanted to develop a Youth Facilty there in the local area. Being in a rural area did not provide a place or activities for young teens to meet and spend time together and her friends were saying "there is nothing to do here". So Anny wanted to build something there for them, she had lived in different areas and some had teen centers and places to congregate. She saw that for the future of her "rural little area" as being something that would help the kids and keep them from looking to other activities that may not be so good.

2.) Anny had a dream to one day climb to the roof of the St. Jude's Children Hospital and throw flyers down to all the parents and families of those suffering needlessly with cancer. She was sad and mad each time a commercial would come on TV asking for donations for kids with cancer. She would say, if the parents only knew and if doctors could only tell them, these little kids would not have to suffer through that aweful chemo and usually die anyway. Anny wanted to change the world! (Anny always had a soft spot for kids)

There is a great deal more to the story of WHY ABF....it is time to admit the world and the environment is out of balance. Education is the key when it is based on true facts and not manipulation that empowers the greedy and ill willed to gain off the suffering of others. I will write more here as time allows. For now, just know that the ANNYBELLE Foundation is publishing websites, blogs, e-mails and whatever it takes to get the truth to families through AnnyBelle Publishing. We can not depend nor should we even think that mainstream media is going to give families the Truth. They are all owned and operated by 5 people, and those 5 people benefit from the people NOT KNOWING THE TRUTH.

If you haven't already, you can read abit of what happened in AnnyBelle's case here: ANNY's Short Story.

We also have a AnnyBelle Farms that is beginning to gain some ground. We are helping others learn how to develop safe food gardens and farms. We hope to see this concept move through the nation and promote more intentional communities providing a means for families to work together, to share, to barter and to learn from each other.

You will find lists and links to our pages through out the AnnyBelle.org site (more to come).

Blessings to all,

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