Are Vaccinations worth the Risk?

Melissa is a mom who has been there and experienced first hand the devasting effects that MAY occur after a child receives a vaccination.  She is willing to share her story so that other mom's never have to experience (even by a slim chance) what she has personally witnessed.  Please forward this message to those in your e-mail lists, family and friends.  Although you may not be interested in the information  or are one that believes vaccinations are a necessary procedure which prevents illness, there may be someone you know that is willing to look at the science and the medical findings just to make more logical decisions based on what THEY are learning.
"My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" ~Hosea 4:6

Melissa wrote:

"My story is that almost 6 years ago, WAY before i had ANY degree of personal responsibility in regards to my kids' health, i had a son, born 3 weeks early (because rather than send me home at 4cm with no real labor pattern, they induced and i didnt know any better) So i had a 3 week early severely jaundiced little boy. Seth. I was as mainstream as could be and essentially did everything the ped said to do.

He was late in having his 4 month vax's because i was at a friends' wedding and i was lazy about rescheduling so he was 5months when he got them. Prevnar was the poison cocktail of the hour. The reactions started out as fever/flu symptoms, and over time (a week i believe) turned into a double ear infection.

This turned into 24 hours of crying (we now know brain swelling is a "common" side effect of prevnar the pneumonia vax)coupled with developmental regression (was starting to roll over and use arm muscles to prop himself up and regressed to inconsolable with vacant stares in his minutes of downtime.)

After about 2 weeks of this (5 1/2 mo. when he passed) one morning i "slept in" realizing his full blown screaching hadnt woke me up yet and it was almost 9am i bolted to his room with a bottle (i had been bottle feeding breastmilk since he was born because the time he spent under the bili lights ruined his ability to latch/ i had ZERO bf'ing support) and found him. He was still warm but gray...they said it happened in the early morning hours. It was ruled as SIDS, but it was not.

I was too mentally unstable to question it at the time because at the time i knew nothing about vaccine damage until joining SIDS grief groups. It was almost a year before i really put it together, and part of that is the pain of realizing something YOU did out of ignorance and under the guise of "doing whats best" not only harmed your child but KILLED them. Its not easy to come to grips with that. Especially since it wasnt as though i knew what the real risks were and chose them anyway, i was a dumb 22 year old who blindly followed mainstream medicine. So thats the backstory to that."

Melissa also wrote:

"I know people could retrospect and think "well its not necessarily the shot that caused it all", but im telling you from a mothers point of view, it WAS. Even having NO honed maternal instinct like i have now, i KNEW it was all related after i learned the science behind those vaccines. they are truly poisonous, and theres not a single one whos benefits outweigh its risks"

Thank you to Melissa who is willing to share this tragic experience. It is Melissa's hope and ours that parents become informed of the potential risk in any medical procedure, especially those such as vaccinations which are very easily ruled "dangerous" when we do due diligence in studying the facts.

For many other children the side effects can also be lifelong disabilities. If you feel you have a child that has been injured from vaccination or could possibly have been, please make use of the information coming from the scientific community.  There is a simple and effective way for the body to be able to remove toxic residue and even help the body heal from damage that MAY have been done.

It is your right and your responsibility to learn what you can to help a child.  Children are precious gifts and sometimes leave us far too soon, but remain with us each and every day in many ways.  Education is the key! 
Here is a webpage that has a host of information and more facts on vaccination dangers and risks.  It is a bit amazing that in all the years (over 12 now) researching vaccinations I have not actually come across a single bit of scientific evidence to prove that vaccinations prevent any sort of disease.  I'll keep looking.
Educate! Educate! Educate!
Then be willing to: Pay it Forward!
Here are some additional resources for those desiring more information.

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(888) 249-1421 / (208) 255-2307


“Free Your Mind... From the Vaccine Paradigm”

“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” ~U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

To begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical paradigm and why the only truly informed choice regarding vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the following weblink to well-footnoted articles and resources.


The first question we should be asking ourselves is "Why Do We Get Sick?" in the first place.  So:

Why Do We Get Sick?

The simplest answer is that we get sick because our immune system has weakened.

But why does our immune system weaken?

People get sick when the body lacks the proper nutrients to sustain a strong enough immune system to ward off viruses when they attack the body, allowing colds and flu to terrorize the body. It is scientifically impossible for the body to contract any disease when its immune system contains enough of the proper nutrients.

Scientifically, colds and flu are just another sign of a deficiency in the body, but not a deficiency of a pharmaceutical drug or a flu vaccine. In this case, it is a deficiency of calciferol, metabolite, and amino acid.

Research has found that by using these in the correct form, colds were defeated within 2 hours to 2 days without adding to the body's Proteolytic enzyme bank. Research has not been published regarding swine flu (incidentally, neither have the ingredients of the vaccinations they are encouraging you to take), but this same science should apply.

Why do Insider Doctors and Scientists warn against flu vaccinations?

In the 1976 swine flu outbreak, many who were vaccinated developed permanent nerve damage (over 4,000 cases reported). Flu vaccines can contain many harmful materials, such as: detergent, mercury, formaldehyde, ether, and many even contain some live flu virus. Is this what you want to put in YOUR body?

How does a healthy immune system protect you?

Here's the way they work. You contract a virus. The nutrient calciferol breaks down the cell wall of the virus. that leaves it open to destruction by the body's immune system. The "warrior" cells in the body attack and engulf the virus, rip it into pieces, and carry it back to the liver, where all toxins are processed. The "warrior" cells (like Macrophages, T-cells, etc.) are rehabilitated in the liver and sent back out to work again. The destroyed virus is flushed out of the body.

The body is repairing itself every minute, every second, and every millisecond of every day. The spillage, or overflow, of the amount needed for repair is used to create hydrogen peroxide in the blood (yes, hydrogen peroxide). This substance kills viruses immediately on contact (that's why you use it to clean out a wound). It also assists in the increase of the population of disease destroying white "warrior" blood cells, which engulf and rip viruses into pieces. When we are experiencing stress, or fatigue, that overflow goes toward overcoming and neutralizing the bad effects of stress.

If the body doesn't have enough enzymes and metabolites to keep these immune factors at its peak, we get sick. (As a side note: "Vitamins" D and C are NOT vitamins. They are metabolites, and as such can morph to destroy viruses.)

What does the body need to boost the immune system?

Doctors and Scientists recommend a minimum of 3,000 mg of metabolite, 5,000 i.u. calciferol, paired with 3,000 mg of amino acids to avoid colds, flu, or any other pathogen. That's it!!! (If you already have one of these, increases the amounts by 1 gram metabolite and 5,000 i.u. calciferol per hour, up to 50,000 i.u. per day...possible side effects - diarrhea. If the symptoms of the illness are gone in a few hours, continue the minimum daily amounts to keep the body's immune system prepared. If the illness isn't gone in 3 days, your medical care provider will want to know.)

CALCIFEROL - The calciferol is in a specific, but erroneously named, form called Vitamin D3. 90% of the population is deficient of this metabolite. Researchers have eliminated the threat of flu with 2,000 i.u.'s of Vitamin D3 daily, but it takes a few months to get the amount up to the healthy level of 65 nanos/mL in the system (flu occurs at about 15 nanos). Note: it is recommended that Vitamin D3 should NOT be consumed with Vitamin A (Retinol form) in order to receive the full benefit of the nutrient in the D3.

METABOLITE - The metabolite is buffered mineral ascorbate - the same form originally created in the body, which no longer exists there. This is essential to the repair of the collagen matrix, which is the glue that holds the body together. It's most basic form is called Vitamin C, and is also used in diabetes reversal. Scientists recommend a minimum of 3,000 mg per day.

AMINO ACIDS - The amino acids are lysine and proline in an exact ratio. Doctors discovered that the spread of all pathogens within the human body are blocked by a scientific minimum of lysine, but it takes a little while to get the level needed up to 1.1 lbs./150 lbs. of body weight. (Lysine is the component drug companies COPIED to prevent the spread of herpes, cold sores, and shingles.)

What do you do next?

After countless hours researching doctors and scientists discoveries, many of whom are Nobel Prize winners, the simple answers have been discovered. By adding calciferol, metabolites, and amino acids (in the proper proportions) to your body, colds, flu, and other viruses can be easily eliminated and prevented.

We have developed an immune building Cold and Flu Kit which contains the proper balance of nutrients to build a strong and healthy immune system. The system consists of only the highest quality, all natural nutrients, to boost your immune system and keep you free of colds and flu's. You can find access to the Cold and Flu Kit below.

We hope you have enjoyed the information we have discovered and provided for you, and we hope you enjoy your healthier, stronger immune system.

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Cold and Flu Kit

1 serving contains:
5000 i.u. Vitamin D3 capsule (Free of Vitamin A)

750 mg Vitamin C as Magnesium Ascorbate
750 mg Vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate
750 mg Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate
750 mg Vitamin C as Potassium Ascorbate
250 mg EGCG Polyphenols - Green Tea Extract
3000 mg L-Lysine
500 mg L-Proline
40 mg Stevia
274 mg Silica
1600 mg Citric Acid
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